1. storerettz


    Anyone know what the tune that drops at 0:31 at the end of the New Years countdown. Literally been after the ID of this track for years. Thanks in advance https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=10152713745203893&set=vb.92727958892&type=2&theater
  2. G

    Ram Records NYE 2016

    Ram Records NYE 2016, any thoughts?
  3. W

    Shabba set

    Need help.... been searching for an old set that I had on tape yearrrrrs ago. Shabba mc, Either brockie or blackmarket, I think. Year was mid- late 90s Possible a nye set. Few lyrics that stuck in my head, "America, get stoned in Japan, get the first class ticket straight to Amsterdam...
  4. miszt

    Last call for Mixing & Mastering in time for NYE

    We've got just 4 slots left open for Mixing services guaranteed for NYE events, and 15 mastering slots left! Hit us up quick if you need tracks prepped in time for your NYE sets! cut off date for guaranteed delivery by NYE of full mixdowns is midnight 14th of December (files should be...
  5. O

    Struggling for NYE

    Still can't find a decent night for NYE...We've almost given up on London and so we're considering options further away. Anyone know of any good nights in Bristol or Brighton?!? Maybe Cambridge even??
  6. P


    Yo yo yo It's getting to that point where new years eve is coming into mind and so far I havent seen anything that stands out for any dnb events in london? Is there something that im missing?
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