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  1. Der Ausländer

    Ninja Ninja Podcast 021 Mixed By Royalston

    Dope mix from one of the greatest! We had a little break last month but the wait will be more than worth it, I promise, as we welcome Med School's very on Royalston to the podcast. It's a huge pleasure for me as a fan to be able to share this with you and I know you're going to love it...
  2. Blackwolf

    Need ID of a couple of tracks from Ninja Ninja podcast!

    The following two extracts were taken from the recent Ninja Ninja Podcast 015 (Mixed By Muffler):- Extract 1 Extract 2 I tried to 'Shazam' both the tunes first and it only came back with one result for the second track. Even then the result was given as a "Continuous blend" from the...
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