1. Nick-ep

    Nick EP '8 Years on Rude FM' 27/10/18

    TL: Quartz - Goodbye SB81 - Reversal Fanu - Recharge Quartz - Hall of Mirrors Amoss - The Only Way Is East Sedo - Hallow Special Request - Leviathan KIlljoy - Badman Digital - Gonzo Untitled - Untitled CIA Vs Phantom Audio - Cookie Monster Greekboy - Mystic Calm Kid Lib - Do Not Respond...
  2. Nick-ep

    Nick-EP Rude FM Podcast 009

    I've finally got round to recording a mix for the Rude FM podcast series. Keeping it strictly vinyl, all 90's selection inside... TL Aquarius - Aquatic (Good Looking Records) DJ Fokus - On Line (Dee Jay Recordings) Tom & Jerry - Maximum Style Remix (T&J) Skan - Not Sorry (24 Karat) Source...
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