1. sonicjunglist


    Jai Q Presents ~ THIS IS BASSLINE RELOADED ~ >>> DOWNLOAD HERE <<< Fallen Angel Mafia (Naya) - Unthinkable IQY and FAZ (ft Slick Don) - Arr Right Platnum - Over the Heartache Megadrive - Reason Veteran (ft Becky Rhodes) - Why you wanna D&G vs Dezz Jones - How we Do (Bassline Crew) TRC (ft...
  2. sonicjunglist

    Drum and Bass x 4x4 Bassline

    Put simply, Drum and Bass tunes made with Bassline / late noughties style 4x4 Speed Garage sounds. Found a couple during my musical travels (literally a couple) Just thought it was interesting lol (And before you say it's just jump up. You're not wrong. But there's no denying a Bassline sample...
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