1. Mentor & Moore

    Feedback on our new track

    Hi everyone!! We just posted our new DnB track on Soundcloud and we were hoping to get some feedback/comment on it. Would be very much appreciated! :D Follow for more! https://soundcloud.com/mentormoore Thank you! MENTOR & MOORE
  2. Mentor & Moore

    Mentor & Moore - Chemical rushes

    Hey guys!! Just uploaded our new track on Soundcloud. Make sure to check it out :D If you have any feedback or comment leave a comment. Mentor & Moore
  3. Mentor & Moore

    Mentor & Moore new track feedback please

    Hey everyone! I am working on my latest track but I'm just not sure if he is good enough. Can anyone help me? :) Any feedback would be much appreciated!! SoundCloud link: https://soundcloud.com/mentormoore/ chemical-rushes-t6/s-5xxy3 (I don't know why but I couldn't post the full private...
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