1. Dan Zvi

    New DnB track, a bit heavier than my last! Would love some feedback/tips for improvement!

    Do have a listen, and I hope you enjoy it!
  2. grizzygrantt

    grizzygrantt. rapper, writer, mixer, freak.

    At first you know there was just this depressed kid named Grant. Technically, I don't and have no control of his narrative no more. He very much exists inna dope crazy underground horror place now. This horrid place is called D.E.C.K City. Sometimes, I cannot reflect myself that Grizzy controls...
  3. NuMotive

    DnB NuMotive - Debut EP

    Debut EP just released on Beatport!! All the support is really appreciated, make sure to check it out and hopefully you enjoy it!
  4. sodatracks

    New label

    Hi guys and girls, I'm a representative for a new record label SODATRACKS(sounds of digital audio) we have a great catalogue of dnb from all over the world so feel free to check out the website What I wanted to discuss today is the direction of uk club drum and bass, who's...
  5. A

    new drum & bass album
  6. D

    old and new tunes

    yo guys just jumped onto the drum and bass scene into proper jump up e.g sub zero, majistrate, jayline etc need would like to know some of the "classics" old and new sick jump up tunes for my next mix which im gonna upload any tunes will help :) thanks for anyone who replies much appreciated!
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