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  1. Leniz

    DnB Chapter 11 & Newcaise are doing something

    Started working on a collab with @Chapter11 https://clyp.it/lfwkmpbk So far this is the result. Tune is called "No Time"
  2. Leniz

    DnB New tune :)

    Lemme know your thoughts on this one :) https://clyp.it/kl5wszdv
  3. Leniz

    DnB Miavono - White Lies (Newcaise Remix)

    After @maschinistom posting his remix I decided to give a shot. Enjoy some proper Liquid guys! Feedback appreciated! :D Version 1: https://clyp.it/1voadmki Version 2: https://clyp.it/f5hcembi Version 5: https://clyp.it/zhkvthdz Version 6: https://clyp.it/stjbh1bo
  4. Leniz

    DnB Newcaise - Embrace The Unknown

    https://clyp.it/kliv1jcl Back at it again with a new tune :) Would like to know what you guys think of it :D