1. Ezim4n

    New to the forum and Just saying hey!

    Hey forum, I am from London and go by the name eziman (easyman) and I dj dubstep / dnb on vinyl and serato. Hoping to connect with people on here, find some fresh music and learn about new artists. I used to run small dnb/jungle/reggae events in East London but with recent club and bar shut...
  2. Kzulfazriawan

    Hai from jakarta

    Hello fellow drum n bass heads my name is kzul from jakarta. I am new in dnb production, but I've been love to listen dnb since I was in middle school (2010). here's my page in soundcloud, feel free to check it out (: also I was looking for good references to create...
  3. Hash'N'Tag

    High there ✌

    Happy to be part of this forum. Been a while since I needed to talk to people sharing the same passion for drum and bass. I'm an all-types-of-dnb lover: from liquid to crossbreed, also loving the new half-time movement. Been 3 years since I listen massively to dnb. And I barely begin to go dig...
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