1. Ezim4n

    New to the forum and Just saying hey!

    Hey forum, I am from London and go by the name eziman (easyman) and I dj dubstep / dnb on vinyl and serato. Hoping to connect with people on here, find some fresh music and learn about new artists. I used to run small dnb/jungle/reggae events in East London but with recent club and bar shut...
  2. N

    New Liquid Dnb Producers

    Hi there! We are Newcaise We just started producing Liquid DnB Be sure to check out our music :) Feedback is always welcome :D
  3. Kuba Bachaschod

    DnB Drum and Bass, inspirated by Netsky and Pendulum

    Hey guys, I am a dnb producer. I´ve been using FL for over 5 years and I decided to let the world know about my creation. I want to share my wrok with you and ask you for some feedback. Leave me some comment and evaluation. Thank you. Enjoy!
  4. Monogone

    DnB Monogone - Don't let me go (feat. MHYST)

    Hi! Here is my latest production. Liquid vibes from Poland, with MHYST's lyrics from I'm fresh dnb producer. If you enjoy my new song, please subscribe my YouTube channel ;) Now I'm working with Sony Music Studio 10, but I will try to do something in Ableton soon. Tell me what...
  5. N

    new DnB singles available on Check out some new 2016 2017 Drum And Bass Jungle on this website
  6. N

    Liquid Drum & Bass Mix 2016 Melo DnB Grooves

    Liquid Drum & Bass Mix 2016 Melo DnB Grooves - Naroman Action 00:00:00 Wild Horses -Naroman Action 00:06:10 Mission in Progress -Naroman Action 00:11:26 Elevation - Naroman Action 00:16:17 Extraordinary - Naroman Action 00:22:25 Adventure - Naroman Action 00:27:27 Program 2016 - Naroman Action...
  7. KayenzosMusicBox

    New Drum and Bass Tune :)

    Hi guys i hope your having a nice christmas holiday? i just wanted to say that i made a nice and chill Drum and bass song i hope you like and don't forget to leave me some feedback as i want to get better :P


    New Liquid drum and bass channel with the latest upcomming and underground artists! ENJOY ! :)
  9. J


    Youtube channel I have recently created for promoting underground and upcomming liquid drum and bass artists. Normally the first to upload the latest EP's..... ENJOY!
  10. Morah

    DnB Brand new Such Music

    Ebb N Flow” is Such Music’s biggest release to date and the label couldn’t be more proud. With this release, Low:r proves he’s a serious contender in the DnB world. This 5 track EP brings beauty, intensity and a soulful class that exemplifies production at the top of its game. Out Now on...
  11. Dbrief

    Dbrief - Rhythms and Grooves EP (Feedback Welcomed)

    Wasssupppppp guys, So today having just got back from a reggae dnb fezzie decided to release a few of the tracks I had no idea what to do with as a free download EP.. feedback is welcomed! Bless up my party people! :rasta::rasta:
  12. Intervore

    DnB Intervore Ft. Freestylers - Painkiller

    Hai, I've finished this track and would love to hear some feedback! (The vocal track was free to download on the freestylers soundcloud page.)
  13. Sinus

    SinusX - Synapse

    Demo of my new Track :devil::devil:
  14. Ackroyd

    Dark/Minimal DNB - High Quality Free Download - Ackroyd SNB011

    Easy everyone, some dark/minimal tunes from myself, fresh out today. Oh, and free download. Big ups to you all!
  15. djfattrip

    DnB djFATtrip - Keep On

    Hello Peeps!! I'm a long time lurker and I'm still learning the game but, I thought id put up a new tune to get some feedback on them. Hope you enjoy!
  16. Den

    Den - Berlin

    Only joined recently, looking for constructive criticism on my tunes, finding it very hard to finish them but almost there with this one! Will do my best to return any feedback given ! Cheers P.S - I posted this in the wrong place originally so anyone who has already heard/reviewed my bad... :)
  17. Den

    Virgin Post ;) - Track review

    Only joined recently, looking for constructive criticism on my tunes, finding it very hard to finish them but almost there with this one! Will do my best to return any feedback given ! Cheers
  18. TwistedSenses16

    DnB New track for you guys to check out??

    Hey everyone, Just wanted to see if anyone wanted to check out my newest track, 'The End'. Its a Drum & Bass track I've made and want feedback on, some people say it's pretty good and I've had some good feedback so far, so if anyone wants to check it out, be my guest :D
  19. master emjay

    Master Emjay in the house! :D

    I am a passionate artist / producer who makes original music. I write all kinds of music. I love drum and bass and i think its underrated recently. I miss the 90's dnb :( . My latest work is an epic dnb called The last fight.I hope you like it.:2thumbs: