1. MSNGR

    New dnb music

    Hey, I’d love to hear what you think of my tunes. Check out MSNGR on #SoundCloud Thanks
  2. Flux Betazerfall

    Breakbeat Something different

    Im a hobby producer. I would love to hear some criticism and feedback. Thanks a lot :)
  3. HOW3

    Make Me Ft Riya

    track on Soundcloud Feedback welcome here or on soundcloud
  4. Sinus

    Drum & Bass Scythe - ID

    Feedback pls
  5. bulletstorm

    Bulletstorm - One Last Time (Neuro-ish dnb)

    Hi Everyone, I made a new track by cutting up some old basslines I made and using some bass shot samples. Layered them to create something new. I tried to make a tune where the bass is sort of in a stop-and-go vibe instead of being continuous. please let me know what you think of it, and...
  6. Altered Terrane

    Do you like Predator (1987) and heavy bass?

    Hey bassfiends, after about a two month break thanks to our production gear being stolen, we finally back with this track. Have really tried to step up my sound design and mastering skills, and put more effort, time and embellishments into this than any other track I've made. Would love to hear...
  7. P

    Fresh Liquid DnB - Would u change something?

    Hey guys, My track Danube Flow has been launched nearly a year ago. As it gained much popularity (13k plays) the next step is to upload it on Spotify via my label. Now, I want to make a better updated version and just want to ask for help what I can do better. What do you like and what don't. I...
  8. N

    Drum & Bass Core Alliance Audio - The Beginning

  9. C

    Drum & Bass New Drum And Bass Tape

    Just put together my second tape hoping to hear some feedback on my production. Thanks.
  10. S

    In need of some advice

    Hello there everybody, I just made an account today because I saw the great potential in forums like this. I was wondering if anybody could give me some feedback on one of my latest projects which is not finished but seeing if I'm heading in a good direction or not. I worked with FL Studio...
  11. C

    Challenja-DustHead-TrippyBassDrivenGlitch DNB

    "I didn't know that you like to get Wet!" This is one Dark trippy futuristic Glitch Neuro DNB track that simulates an O.D on Angel Dust. Smoke the Devil man shit will f*ck your head all up! Produced by Challenja©™ Rebel Teknology© Follow me on
  12. PRTCL

    I have some new music out...check it out, maybe it's to your taste.

    Hi DNB forum crew. As of Friday, I released two tunes on my label imprint, one solo production and one with the mighty Survey. Those tunes are out now across all digital outlets, and I've added Soundcloud clips to preview the them: Bandcamp: Beatport...
  13. unwell nz


    Hi Forum!!! Check out my promo mix for SUB:BASS NZ, a new drum and bass event night in New Zealand. Heaps of dubs in there ;) churrrrrrrr
  14. arnar

    Rediscovering the forum

    Good day people. I am sort of new here, I made an account years ago and completely forgot about it. Anyhow, I just wanted to introduce myself a little bit: My name is Arnar and I come from Iceland, but currently living in Amsterdam, Netherlands where I am currently studying for a Bachelor...
  15. BANZAR

    I Love You Drum and Bass [ILYDNB]

    Hello guys! I'm glad to present you my new podcast "I Love You Drum and Bass"! Playlist, download link and more: 1) Barbarix - 8 Bit 2) Homeboy - Artificial Organism (Machine Code Remix) 3) Limtek - Cyberface 4) Mindmapper & Silvahfonk - Downfall 5) Sublimit - Imagination 6) Anile - Containment...
  16. D

    Massage - Jayson (new)

    hi, I wondering if i could get some feedback on this??? i will post more tunes up soon as well, really want to get back into producing again. thanks guys.
  17. Ezim4n

    New to the forum and Just saying hey!

    Hey forum, I am from London and go by the name eziman (easyman) and I dj dubstep / dnb on vinyl and serato. Hoping to connect with people on here, find some fresh music and learn about new artists. I used to run small dnb/jungle/reggae events in East London but with recent club and bar shut...
  18. N

    New Liquid Dnb Producers

    Hi there! We are Newcaise We just started producing Liquid DnB Be sure to check out our music :) Feedback is always welcome :D
  19. Kuba Bachaschod

    Drum & Bass Drum and Bass, inspirated by Netsky and Pendulum

    Hey guys, I am a dnb producer. I´ve been using FL for over 5 years and I decided to let the world know about my creation. I want to share my wrok with you and ask you for some feedback. Leave me some comment and evaluation. Thank you. Enjoy!