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  1. Altered Terrane

    new dark 'n bassy track - would love your input <3

    Hello hello, have been working on this track for a while now, playing around with it, trying to get those drums and bass to blow out your ears (in a good way), so was wondering if I was succesful at that :p would love some thoughts/tips/ideas and criticism from you guys. did i push the track too...
  2. DJ Sheerdrop AKA

    DnB New Tracks Feedback welcome

    I've been producing under my own steam this past 12 months. As a rule I've been using basic DAW and just recently some free Kontakt stuff. I'd be keen to get advice and feedback on the below tracks please ? (mix downs need work) there are a few more tracks on my Sound Cloud feel free to...
  3. D

    DnB My new Drum and Bass track!

    Hey! :dolan: I make some Bass Music tracks, and i love dnb. Here a new track (free to download), thank's in advance for feedbacks! :) ► Track: Hope you enjoy! Louis / Doctor Frenesy
  4. Peter Jaczewski

    Night-Terror NEW TRACK!

    Please check my new track.
  5. TwistedSenses16

    DnB New track for you guys to check out??

    Hey everyone, Just wanted to see if anyone wanted to check out my newest track, 'The End'. Its a Drum & Bass track I've made and want feedback on, some people say it's pretty good and I've had some good feedback so far, so if anyone wants to check it out, be my guest :D
  6. CockaiN

    Ambush Bane - Equadize

    Hi guys! Pls check my new tune and tell me some recomendations and tips u can)
  7. CrucialQuarters

    DnB (NEW TUNE) Crucial Quarters - Pay Up

    NEW TUNE Crucial Quarters - Pay Up, can be acquired at
  8. Trip.Logic


    Hello. New to the forum. I produce using Logic. I spin vinyl by preference and digital when I mix my originals. Here is my latest work!
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