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  1. T

    Altered Scientist

    Hey Girls and Guys, I would like to introduce myself, my name is Tara a DNB dj and Psytrance Dj, with residencies for my Psy Trance on numerous radio stations. My other passion is Drum & Bass where I am now operating under the name Altered Scientist. It would be an honour to hook up with other...
  2. PredatorsLAB

    Predators LAB

    Hello, to all dnbheads out there! My name´s Markus! I want to introduce myself as one of the CEO´s and founder of the Austrian Label and Promotionplattform - Predators LAB. Since the beginning of 2016 we promote artists from all over the world which bring audible potential in there tunes...
  3. sodatracks

    New label

    Hi guys and girls, I'm a representative for a new record label SODATRACKS(sounds of digital audio) we have a great catalogue of dnb from all over the world so feel free to check out the website What I wanted to discuss today is the direction of uk club drum and bass, who's...
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