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  1. soul flex digital

    DnB Lesus - Feelings / Falling into Darkness (Out Now) Rolling / Liquid DNB

    Introducing Lesus, with our latest release, Feelings and Falling into Darkness. Kicking off with 'Feelings' a vocal roller with a fat but smooth bassline, Rhodes and emotional vocal lines accompanied by intricate drums. One for the roller crew. Next up 'Falling into Darkness' a bass heavy roller...
  2. Z

    Ramson Badbonez announces release of new album "Lead by Example"

    Ramson Badbonez has just announced details of his new album “Lead by Example” releasing on August 27th. His debut as a producer, he’s assembled a heavy line up of featured artists from the US, UK and Canada. Tracklist All tracks produced by Ramson Badbonez 1 On Your Mark (Intro) ft DJ...
  3. Z

    London rapper / producer duo Phoenix da Icefire & Husky Brown release album "Panacea"

    Just released today through New Dawn Records, the sounds are a mix of hip hop, dub, bass, electro, r&b. Phoenix's rhymes are on point as ever tackling climate change, mental health, knife crime, racism....worth a listen
  4. Z

    Phoenix da Icefire & Husky Brown Album Teaser

    New album Panacea releases in May, joint project between Phoenix da Icefire (Triple Darkness) and producer Husky Brown Production fuses hip hop, electronica, dub, bass, r&b, & soul. They launched a trailer video yesterday
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