neurofunk dirty aggressive

  1. D

    free new neurfunk tune

    here's a new neurofunk tune for all my dnb heads on here hope you enjoy
  2. KRYOS


    Hey Everyone, Any feedback on my tracks is most appreciated!!! Thanks KRYOS
  3. TCB666

    DnB A Weekly Drum & Bass Mix Session 22: Neurofunk Edition Mixed By Bus Bee

    Listen to these awesome neurofunk tracks by some awesome producers at my latest brand new weekly drum & bass mix on Mixcloud. The setlist of it is commented below as well as a link to download this mix for FREE at Enjoy! :D Katharsys - Destruction Pythius - Haymaker Current Value...
  4. Archaea

    Unreleased Neuro Tracks (private link)

    Hey I have recently written a few tracks for my upcoming E.P. and would really like to hear what you think :) As private links don't work through this website really well, I have to put a gap in somewhere in the private link for it to be visible. I have two tracks to show you guys, I really hope...

    [Neurofunk] - Strife Mix

    Got my XDJ1000MK2's the other week, just awaiting my mixer, so im using my controller as a mixer and using it through my PC. Been smashing out the decks for hours on end and have come out with my first mix on them. Just purely looking for feedback, take a listen if you wish. If anyone wants...
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