1. Indesign Soldier

    Indesign Soldier – Jungle D&B Show on Radioactivefm.co.uk – TECH/NEURO/AMEN/HARDASF*CK D&B MIX

    Calling all D&B Headz, Catch me... Indesign Soldier every second Tuesday on Radioactivefm.co.uk between 8-10pm. My last show on 19th November featured TECH/NEURO/AMEN/ or as I like to call it.... HARDASF*CK D&B. If you're into the Harder side of life, check it out at: Also, tonight Tuesday –...
  2. KRYOS


    Hey Everyone, Any feedback on my tracks is most appreciated!!! Thanks KRYOS
  3. BC9

    DnB Neurofunk Mix

    THE UNITED STATE OF DNB INVALID + BC#9 PRODUCED THIS AUDIO VISUAL MIX IN APRIL 2018 @united STATE OF DNB HQ 01. “Hold your Colours”. (Noisia Remix) - Pendulum 02. “Restless” (Joe Ford Remix) - Rawtekk 03. “Earthquake” Cod3x 04. “The Sirens” Mefjus 05. “Broken Pieces - ft Nihils” (Culture Shock...
  4. N

    Little advice would be nice

    Hello. Haven't used this forum for ages. I got back into dnb making again (no work) So here I am making another time and I'm stuck. (Damn i forgot making music consumes timeee) I would like if somebody could give me so advice or even collab with me on this - www.soundcloud.com/Nekruj/WipChuck...
  5. bagiueli

    DnB bgl - Practice Mix #2 16-01-2016

    My latest practice mix.. Suggestions and comments are welcome!!
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