1. Kuba Bachaschod

    DnB Drum and Bass, inspirated by Netsky and Pendulum

    Hey guys, I am a dnb producer. I´ve been using FL for over 5 years and I decided to let the world know about my creation. I want to share my wrok with you and ask you for some feedback. Leave me some comment and evaluation. Thank you. Enjoy!
  2. bta

    1 8 1 1 2 0 1 6 | NETSKY & SCRIPT MC at Arena dnb - Bucharest, Romania

    NETSKY & SCRIPT MC at Arena dnb Artists: NETSKY SCRIPT MC Local support: MEETSA SOUR...
  3. S

    DnB Booking price

    Hey, I was just wondering, what would be the price of booking Netsky for maybe 2 hours nowadays? Thanks in advance
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