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    Looking for some sets!

    I'm looking for Clash of the titans 2007, mainly the DJ Fresh set but wouldn't say no to the other, anyone got these?
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    09/25/16 - DREAM NATION - AFTER-PARTY @ Glazart - Paris - France

    From 7 am, you're welcome on the Glazart beach to make the feeling of feet in the sand and head in the clouds last longer. An experience for the insatiable: a high-profile Techno line-up, fine sand, an outdoor party, 15 hours of non-stop music and many surprises to continue the festivities under...
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    09/23/16 - DREAM NATION - BEFORE-PARTY @Petit Bain - Paris - France

    What better way to begin the festivities than an evening by the Seine? From midnight to 6 am, the summer cruise will be a promising warm up before the great mass the next day. Are-you ready ? ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dream Nation...
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    09/24/16 - DREAM NATION - After Techno Parade – Paris - France

    DREAM NATION FESTIVAL is back ! Saturday night on September 24 to close the Techno Parade, all major genres of electronic music will be reunited in the same event, unique in Paris. 4 scenes will host more than 30 artists, amazing video installations, rides, and a unique cultural melting pot...
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