music promotion

  1. Destro Bass

    2020-2021 Drum and Bass Playlists on Spotify.... Who's got new tunes they want added to it? 50+ followers and rising

    Now accepting track submissions for my 2021 dancefloor raver anthems: drum and bass playlist! *only accepting new releases atm* If you have some older releases you would like to have on my other playlists, then give me a heads up & DM me your links, & email me @ if you...
  2. WhiteSharky

    Hello everyone! Need advice from the pros in the music :)

    Hello! I am a novice beatmaker from Russia. Not so long ago, I began to master this skill :) I am here to meet and learn more about musical tips and tricks. I want to ask the pros for advice: what services do you use to promote your tracks? Soon I plan to finish the first track and I can not...
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