1. the_Ghostly_one

    Jungle/Drum & Bass Mixtape... Strictly Wax...

    https://www.mixcloud.com/DJ_Ghostly/絹-serato-mix/ Enjoy... -DJ Ghostly...
  2. Konfliqtdnb

    DnB Mixtapes, DJ Contests & Special guestmixes

    Sooo, hi everybody reading this! My name is Jef, I'm 20y/o Belgium based Spinning Drum & Bass (especially Jump up dnb) for about a year and 4 months DJ name: Konfliqt I just sorted out all my mixes in playlists on my Soundcloud page (link at the bottom of this thread) And from my own...
  3. the_Ghostly_one

    "PMC" Mixtape Series... ("Postives Mindz Crew")

    Tracklisting & DL Links in the description... Strictly Wax... :) Enjoy... -the Ghostly one... ;)
  4. deadcodednb

    DnB Ninja Ninja Guest Mix: Deadcode

    Hi guys, did new mix for NinjaNinja Drum & Bass Tracklist: 01. Deadcode - Mercury - Deadcode Records 02. Break - Who Got Da Funk - Symmetry Recordings 03. Need For Mirrors - Motto - V Recordings 04. JKenzo - Sykura - ThirtyOne Recordings 05. Rido - Movin - Blackout Music NL 06. Optiv & BTK -...
  5. M4RCO5 M4LV4R


    Is my first day in the community, I love all kind of electronic music, specially DnB. I leave you my new mixtape... Ihope you like it. PLEASE Let me know your thoughts...
  6. Marc Aurora

    DnB Marc Aurora - Highlife Podcast

    Hey! I recently started a podcast of my own and i got 2 episodes out by now. I'm new to this forum but already excited about it since i didn't know that there exists a site like this! So please, enjoy the music and leave some feedback if you can, it will be appreciated! Thanks! Episode 1...
  7. thingmusic

    Thing- Spring Mixtape 2016

    LISTEN : https://www.mixcloud.com/thing_estonia/thing-spring-mixtape-2016/ https://www.facebook.com/ThingMusic/ https://twitter.com/thing_estonia https://thingmusic.bandcamp.com/
  8. daveyberkowitz

    Double D's & Rugburned Knees

    So its that time of year again, been meaning to do one of these for a while and keep putting it off. Hit record on this one the other day tho.. tried to give a good feel of what I've been playing for peak time slots over the past few months . Starts out on a jungley vibe and gets heavier from...
  9. Rimski

    House "Autumn's choice" September's best deep house

    Music is all under CC licence, check artists in the description Only video is done by me
  10. Rimski

    DnB Journey through Drum and Bass

    Tracklist: Tr10. Re(Ampersand) - 衛星トリフネ(Ampersand D'n'B Remix) 3.25 [Liquid] - Kepler by Ryrix 4.50 Fire Dance - kvalae [DNB.175BPM] 5.07 Departure - Musepie 4.57 Dnb by circular dope 3.50 Alex M - Supreme (Miniwoice DnB RmX) 6.50 Krispy - Rain 3.51 Feint - Vagrant (ft. Veela) 3.42 DUZI -...
  11. Rimski

    ChillTurtle September mixtape

    Best remixes of beginning of September Chillstep mixtape Chillstep tracklist: 00:00 Tranquil by R3kka 3.28 3:18 Silencyde - Reminisce 7:16 Hollywild - Say Who You Are, Mean What You Say (Original 12:10 Chillstep Mix) by Blakes Revolution 2.17 9:26 LAKE by Nylon Children 2.48 12:10 Fly by...
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