mixing and mastering

  1. JoJabes

    German Rookie Needs Production Advices

    Hey community, first i want to apologize for my bad english, i hope you can understand my posting. I started producing drum and bass half a year ago. It is sad that i sarted doing this so late in my life (well 24 is not to late...), because it is so much fun for me. I never played an instrument...
  2. miszt

    SubSymmetry Studio One - Mix/Mastering in Stereo & 5.1 (+discount code)

    We are finally opening this weekend and back in business! :atadnb: After months of calculations, testing, building and hair loss, SubSymmetry Studio One is finally ready to make some noise, and we're offering a limited discount to DnBForum members - drop a message to miszt for a discount code...
  3. Alien Exposure

    Room acoustics: Where should i position my desk in this room?

    Hey guys, so i'm investing in a few things to turn my bedroom into a bit more of a studio with a few bass traps, some absorbers, a difusser and some decent home-studio monitors (Im getting two yamaha hs8) The room is rectangular shaped with the door in one of the corners. There is a big window...
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