mixed origins

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    DJ Hybrid - Mixed Origins LP

    DJ Hybrid - Mixed Origins LP Buy: bit.ly/1MiVlio www.soundcloud.com/djhybrid www.facebook.com/djhybriduk www.twitter.com/djhybriduk www.instagram.com/djhybriduk DJ Support: Jaguar Skills, The Freestylers, Crissy Criss, Aphrodite, Ray Keith, TC, Aries, Tyke, Mob Tactics, Danny Wheeler, Kenny...
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    DJ Hybrid - Mixed Origins - Drum & Bass Arena Exlcusive Preview

    Album preview and full interview here: https://breakbeat.co.uk/interviews/dj-hybrid-mixed-origins/ Hybrid‘s come in with a new album where the ‘D’ and the ‘B’ could in part stand for ‘Drop like a ton of Bricks’. It’s all about different styles and keeping an open mind… so with that mindset we...
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