1. M

    DnB some kickass drum n bass -- mastering OK?

    you'll probably will like this one more than the other (pop) dnb I produced so far :) let me know what you think, especially the mixing/mastering part. cheers from tokyo ! some other tracks: https://soundcloud.com/user-25280988
  2. miszt

    Last call for Mixing & Mastering in time for NYE

    We've got just 4 slots left open for Mixing services guaranteed for NYE events, and 15 mastering slots left! Hit us up quick if you need tracks prepped in time for your NYE sets! cut off date for guaranteed delivery by NYE of full mixdowns is midnight 14th of December (files should be...
  3. miszt

    SubSymmetry STUDIO ONE - black friday sale!

    jumping on the Black Friday band wagon here @ STUDIO ONE, half price mixing and mastering for one day only! :eek: you can book slots to be used any time within 4 weeks of the booking, either directly thru our website, or drop me a private message here on the forum...
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