1. Kolendo

    Drum & Bass Finally liking my mixdown, can someone be brutally honest with where I'm at?

    I've been trying to really nail drum & bass for a while now, I think I'm pretty damn close to wanting to release tunes. This clip is a work in progress, so the melodic bits and bass will have more definition and content once I'm done (the top bass is just a simple square wave for now). DO YOUR...
  2. K

    Mixdown technique/formula

    Yo guys, Do any of you have a particular set of rules that you follow when mixing down tunes? With your main bus groups (drums, bass etc). Do any of you have a set level (in db) that they always peak at? Also I remember reading somewhere that if you mute/solo you bass bus, there should...
  3. JBrennand99

    Old school mid 90's Jungle feel, with a bit of added darkness - MIXDOWN FEEDBACK

    I'm going for that old school mid 90's Jungle feel, with a bit of added darkness. Just here for some feedback on how you think i've captured the style & how you feel about the mix down, this entry is for a London based record label so any feedback is more than welcome! Thanks.