1. binar

    binar - darklight drum n bass mixes

    Hi - I was doing a second playthrough of the remastered Skyrim - and was struck at how dark and light are intertwined yet different, with their own qualities. I also played at a night called 'Darklight' back in the day - the idea being that deeper tunes can go with liquid - as opposed to being...
  2. L

    Droptober 3 deck mix

    Hey y'all, if anybody wants to listen to a new 3 deck mix i just put together, the link and tracklist is below. This goes down very well as a gym mix- tried and tested. There's a few creative non d&b bits in there too :) DC Breaks - Shaman >>Dub Phizix Ft. Strategy - Buffalo Charge QZB -...
  3. C

    DnB New Drum And Bass Tape

    Just put together my second tape hoping to hear some feedback on my production. Thanks.
  4. S

    DnB I Wannabe - dpr_xs_podcast_44

    I Wannabe - dpr_xs_podcast_44 Genre: electronic Style: drum and bass Tracklist: I Wannabe - Dark Matter Breakage - Clarendon I Wannabe - Andrew Sam KDC - Symbol #3.1 Fanu - Sleepwalking Homemade Weapons - Mileena (MVP) Ruffhouse - Straight 9's I Wannabe - The Same I Wannabe - Helpless Sunchase...
  5. Vechov

    DnB Spread Drum'n'Bass Jungle Neurofunk Culture

    Hi DNB FAM !! SPREAD #DnBCulture !! SPREAD #DNB GROUP : https://www.facebook.com/groups/spreaddnb/ SPREAD #DrumnBass SPREAD #Neurofunk SPREAD #LiquidFunk SPREAD #RaggaJungle SPREAD #HardStep SPREAD #FutureBass SPREAD #Mix SPREAD #Tracks SPREAD #RadioShow SPREAD #Podcast MAKE SOME...
  6. Sidney SN

    Autumn 2017 Mix

    Hi/Hello, Autumn 2017 Liquid Drum and Bass Set is my third drum and bass set. In the set there are tracks that are classic liquid drum and bass, such as Be True by Commix or Tell Me by Tokyo Prose, but also tracks less known as Faces (VIP) by Linear or Empath by Keeno. See, Sidney SN
  7. V

    DnB Lerner - Sleep Well... (DNB Studio Mix 2017)

    Kriotek - Telepat Yabol - Stellar Evolution Proton Kid - Leverage Stereotype - Hypnotic Black Sun Empire - Battalion The Sect - Recall (Dean Rodell Remix) Machinecode - Drag Me Current Value - Viral (Original Mix) Current Value - Alpha Key (Original Mix) Black Sun Empire - Adaptation Noisia -...
  8. Archaea

    Next Hype 4th Birthday Competition Entry

    I recently recorded my first Next Hype competition entry! I am a neurofunk producer and DJ so I usually don't do much jump up in my mixes (only 2/3 tunes) but this entry has mostly been jump up with a few neuro tunes :) Please have a listen and give me some feedback :D
  9. PRTCL

    DnB Standard Protocol Mix no. 10

    Hey all, Here is the 10th installment of my regular mix series...There is some very good drum and bass around at the moment, I'm really happy with the state of things at the moment so I had a lot of fun putting the track list together for this and recording it. Nice one Joe
  10. Sidney SN

    Is it easier to mix..

    Hi/Hello, I have a question about you: Is it easier to mix neurofunk, jump up or liquid drum and bass? For me, I think neurofunk, jump up. With neurofunk, you can play more and afford mistakes during mixing, playing a set... I like liquid drum and bass, but recently I tried to make a set of...
  11. PRTCL

    Loudness, stereo image and your final mix sounds in mono.

    Hey all, I have a blog where I share my thoughts and techniques on production. This post covers how to adjust your mix so that it sounds good in mono too. Something important to think about, especially if you want it to sound as good in the club as it does on your monitors...
  12. InsiderDnB

    DnB 1 Hour Doubledrop Only Mix: Neuro, Liquid & Jump Up +[DL]

    Give me your thoughs on this Mix I made! I put alot of effort into the making and the tracklist. 82 Tracks containing Neuro, Liquid & JumpUp Enjoy :)
  13. J

    DnB looking for feedback on my first mixes!

    I've been learning to mix for probably about 8 months now, I mainly mix DnB/jungle. Just looking for feedback really and what I could improve on with my mixes. I've got two out on Soundcloud, the first is Liquid didinium (Liquid DnB) - and the second is more minimal with a little bit of jump...
  14. Kidsan

    DnB Kidsan's summer selections short mix

    liquid drum and bass short mix, with a few of my new tracks and some favourites of mine at the moment.
  15. S

    June SignalsofSound mix

    Forgot to put this up here in time > but here it is.
  16. Binary_UK

    DnB Sam Binary - Sun and Bass 2017 Competition

    Ez guys, been a while since I posted a mix:
  17. WastedUniverse[wu]

    DnB Wasted Universe [wu] mixsets [0024 MIX & VIDEO out]

    FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/silentestjunglists/ VK: https://vk.com/id338516403 MIXCLOUD: https://www.mixcloud.com/silentestjunglists/ YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdprak0qVvc4rbyDzFnD-XQ/videos what dnb overdose looks and feels like
  18. binar

    binar - my tunes as mp3's - album/mix

    Greetings. Been working on these for up to 10 years now - just got into a groove about 2 months ago and decided to give them a bit of spit n polish (old man expression). A little while back I put them together in a mix. I'm happy to share the individual tracks, just pm or drop me a line at...
  19. S

    signalsofsound May 2017

    Forgot to drop this here - Enjoy - I did. With pieces from the sharp, Homemadeweapons and MC Fokus EP – Crysalis, the Enei EP – Wolfpack, the first EP from S.P.Y - Alone in the Dark project and The forth EP release from The Vanguard Project on Spearhead. I've thrown in a couple from the...
  20. spyrednb

    Spyre - Trident Open Air Festival Mix 2017

    My contest mix for slovak Trident Open Air Festival 2017 on Duchonka. Enjoy the mix! :) Tracklist: 01.Pendulum - Witchcraft (WARNER MUSIC) 02.Camo & Krooked feat. Metrik - Aurora (HOSPITAL) 03.Wilkinson - Tonight (RAM) 04.Hamilton - Echoes (RAM) 05.Dimension - Whip Slap (MTA) 06.A.M.C & Turno...