1. S

    SoS - Nov 2015

    Some compositions of music from some lovely people which I've stiched together for fun. Tracklisting Kimyan Law - Diaymo VIP Digital - A Message SAAL - Signs (Blu Mar Ten Remix) Royalston - The Warth of Mr Sparkes Riya and Philth - Fall Apart Spirit - 107 DJ Suv - Lost Angel Cutworks -...
  2. Anita Magenta

    [LiquidFlavours #062] Magenta Guest Mix 09-02-15

    [LiquidFlavours #062] Magenta Guest Mix 09-02-15 >>TRACKLIST<< Intelligent Manners - Best Place Ever Calibre - Smother (ft Marcus Intalex & Bricktop) Clart & Kalum - 4 Ur Luv Dave Owen - Tight Polite (Pennygiles Remix) Furney - Real Love Dave Owen - Red Sky At Night Intelligent Manners -...
  3. PRTCL

    Low Cut Absolutely Everything...

    Alright guys, I have a blog where I share some of my production tips. This is a post about low cutting everything in the mix down and by how much: https://prtclmusic.wordpress.com/2015/11/19/low-cut-absolutely-everything-including-the-kick-and-the-sub/ Hopefully you'll find it interesting...
  4. Anita Magenta

    ColorTheory 09-04-15 [LIVE] #2 @ jungletrain.net [drum & bass/liquid]

    >>TRACKLIST<< Spective - Mysterious Affair Marcus T - Summer Rain Al Pack & Solotek - Sunshine Funk Brother - Stay DJ Chap & Andrezz - Doing The Same Thing Enea Feat. Mika - Line in Kasper - Brooklyn Standard Mukiyare - So Glad To Have You Muwookie - Truly Deeply Mystic Trip - Stop On By QBIG &...
  5. Anita Magenta

    Magenta - ColorTheory 09-11-15 [LIVE] @Jungletrain.net

    >>TRACKLIST<< Atlantic Connection & Irene Merring - Phoenix Sonik feat. Katie - Level Headed Dj Chap - Life Mark Halflite - Dreaming After Jefferson T:Base & Duoscience - Lost In The Feeling Alix Perez & Sabre - Solitary Native Blade & MJT - 2gether Brother - Distance Between DJ Chap & Andrezz -...
  6. Anita Magenta

    Magenta: BlueZikBeatz [LIVE] 09-19-2015 Ft. DBR UK @differentdrumz.co.uk

    DBR UK (Craig DBR) (Conflict) (Dan Xs) [Broken Audio / Dispatch / Renegade Hardware / Ingredients / Architecture] >>TRACKLIST<< Chasing Spirits - Far East Dave Owen - Untitled Level 2 - Expressions Dj Chap & David Boombah - When She's Gone DJ Chap & Andrezz - Doing The Same Thing Fawce & KAI -...
  7. DJ_Evolve

    :::: IVY LAB - ALL ARTIST MIX ::::

    Here's a mix full of Ivy Lab tracks myself and d mix did for DNB Express. Hope you enjoy :) Find us at: www.facebook.com/dmixandevolve 1. Ivy Lab ft. Frank Carter III - Oblique VIP (Critical Music) 2. Ivy Lab - Twenty Questions (Critical Music) 3. Sub Focus ft. MNEK - Close (Ivy Lab...
  8. P

    [Jungle] Pearsall's Parallax #3 Promo Mix [Berlin Jungle Party 28/11/15]

    I'll be playing an original jungle set at Parallax on the 28h of November at St Georg in Kreuzberg, Berlin, so I thought I would knock up a promo mix to whet people's appetites. Also playing on the night will be Stuttgart's Yen-Cee and residents Vali NME Click and Tu:Phaces. More party info...
  9. PRTCL

    Standard Protocol mix series #2

    Ez people, Mix number two of my mix series is now up for download through soundcloud... Enjoy Joe PRTCL
  10. Skumboy


  11. Rimski

    House "Autumn's choice" September's best deep house

    Music is all under CC licence, check artists in the description Only video is done by me
  12. D

    That German Podcast #1

    Hi everybody, New Podcast series from myself called "That German Podcast" the first one catches all the spectrum off dnb from liquid, deep to neurofunk and back mixed on 3 cdjs (without traktor) stream link : artist page: https://www.facebook.com/thatgermanguydnb Tracklist: Wilkinson - Dirty...
  13. Flaction


    Hello Freak'zmy name Johann Flaction aka Flax, and i'am a Dj Producer from Vevey (Switzerland) adept of the "broked beat" I choose the Drum&bass 4 playground. Comming up from the Hip Hop source, i developed my culture of Djing style untill Breakcore. Sound technician and event promoter, I...
  14. randomjunglist

    Junglist Etiquette

    While I've known about and listened casually to dnb over a few years and learned some things about it as a person who wants to well-informed general electronic music listener, I've only recent months become serious about it. So, to start to aclimate, I was wondering about what things (common...
  15. Spikez

    Spikez - Clarity [Drum & Bass Mix 2015]

  16. Derelicts Of Tomorrow

    DnB "Thoroughly Rinsed" selected & mixed by Derelicts Of Tomorrow

    Heavy dance floor business that is sure to please all crew :2thumbs:
  17. D

    C.PHEAR - Atmospheric Drum & Bass Mix - Super Lunar

    All vinyl Atmospheric Drum & Bass mix recorded during the super blood moon eclipse 9.27.15 download here: https://www.mediafire.com/?qirrqovamuro63c
  18. Rimski

    DnB Journey through Drum and Bass

    Tracklist: Tr10. Re(Ampersand) - 衛星トリフネ(Ampersand D'n'B Remix) 3.25 [Liquid] - Kepler by Ryrix 4.50 Fire Dance - kvalae [DNB.175BPM] 5.07 Departure - Musepie 4.57 Dnb by circular dope 3.50 Alex M - Supreme (Miniwoice DnB RmX) 6.50 Krispy - Rain 3.51 Feint - Vagrant (ft. Veela) 3.42 DUZI -...
  19. PRTCL

    I'm starting a new mix series...

    Ez People, I'm starting a new mix series entitled the 'Standard Protocol' mix series. There going to be 30 minute mixes every month and here is the 1st one, hope you enjoy: Safe!
  20. D

    old and new tunes

    yo guys just jumped onto the drum and bass scene into proper jump up e.g sub zero, majistrate, jayline etc need would like to know some of the "classics" old and new sick jump up tunes for my next mix which im gonna upload any tunes will help :) thanks for anyone who replies much appreciated!
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