1. stereoassassin

    Satanic Breaks Released

    Stereo Assassin's "Satanic Breaks released May 25th exclusively on Bandcamp. 6 tracks of ungodly ultra-violent Metal infused Industrial DnB, including psychotic remix of Korn's "Twist".
  2. stereoassassin

    Satanic Breaks

    "Satanic Breaks" ... What you thought was hard DnB has been stepped on and kicked aside Release date: March 1st, check 1st track: "3 Minutes In Hell" and pre-order
  3. S

    DnB Mavu - Mr Nothing bass?

    Just wondered if anyone on here knows how to recreate the bass mavu used in mr nothing? im using NI Massive and been fiddling around for a while and havent got anywhere near haha.. heres the link in case you havent heard it :2thumbs:
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