mc conrad

  1. Kompas-Audio

    16/09/16 Absys Records Night w. Anile/Radicall/LM1/SHO/ ..&MC CONRAD ! @ Suki10c-Birmingham/UK

    Welcome Everyone. After some very successful live stream events as creators of the Selection Process we are proud to invite you to our first club event. Suki10c, Birmingham UK, Friday, 16th September 2016 (10pm-5am). Many thanks to our friends at KOMPAS AUDIO and Dublin based Absys Records in...
  2. Dektekdee

    LG16:Liquid Garden ft LIQUID V- Donovan Bad Boy Smiths 25 Years in the Game Birthday Bash LINE UP

    We are honored to host the return of the LIQUID V Crew to celebrate Donovan Bad Boy Smiths 25 years in the game and we have truly gone all out to celebrate this extra special occasion. LIQUID V host the Liquid:Garden and we have also taken over the Main Room because nights like this dont come...
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