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    HOW DOES IT FEEL? >> pls feedback, cheers!

    hi, another remix o_O but not dark this time. tried to get as close as I could to a "radio-suitable dnb song". it's almost no dnb, I know .. was aiming for some summer tune atmo, hope comes well across. let me know what you think, esp. on sound/mix. any feedback welcome. thx! final version...
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    CUT THE TIES -- pls feedback, thx!

    hello, this one is actually a dnb remix of Nick Martin & Nat Dunn - Looking For Love Nick-martin-nat-dunn-looking-for-love I ripped apart the sweet vibe of this one and put into a dark DNB roller (for my taste). is anything too much, esp. the bass? thanks for listening and your feedback! (y)...
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    I CAN GIVE U ANY SIN -- first 2017 track -- pls feedback

    hello fellow junglists -- happy new year & all the best to you in 2017 !! had a bit of time this week and came up with this tune .. pretty happy with arrangement and vibe. :D however - does it sound good on your system, too? anything too much or too low? all well balanced but still driving...
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    Mickey Valen 'Meet Me' (ft. Noe) - 2nd DNB remix > pls feedback

    hello! here is my 2nd remix of Mickey Valen 'Meet Me' (feat. Noe). santa brought Ozone7 for me :D and I hope this improved my overall sound! I look forward to our feedback & advise on how to make this one sound better, cheers! edit DEC27 >> Mickey Valen - Meet Me (feat. Noe) - 2nd Maschinistom...
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    Mickey Valen - Meet Me (feat. Noé) > remix > pls feedback

    hello! here is another remix I recently did. edit DEC8 >> Mickey Valen - Meet Me (feat. Noe) - Maschinistom REMIX edit DEC14 >> Mickey Valen - Meet Me (feat. Noe) - Maschinistom REMIX final version: looking forward to your feedback and input making this sound better! cheers ! :2thumbs...
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    Boombox Cartel & QUIX - Supernatural (feat. Anjulie) - dnb remix

    salute! this is my take on the 'SUPERNATURAL' remix ... I think not nearly as good as Mentor & More's remix but hopefully not too far off. any feedback welcome .. cheers! MASCHINISTOM remix here the original .. Boombox Cartel & QUIX - Supernatural (feat. Anjulie)
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    strastvuitje! had a bit of a bad week .. this is what I came up with to cheer me up again. sometimes the more we achieve (materialistically) the more pointless it (life) seems. :| it seems paradox. so, where will we go from here? trying to do a bit of a rockwell here who likes to change...
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    elo! I guess it was halloween when I started this track, that's why the riser turned out to be so squeaky .. anyways, I have a few Qs, please have a quick listen and let me know your thoughts -- cheers in advance! 1) is the riser too weird for this track, or matching the atmo? 2) with the 2nd...
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    I played this tune back to a few Japanese blokes on a proper PA last weekend ... they went from complete Japanese correctness to utter madness in 2 minutes! Still, I'm undecided if this one is ready yet for mastering or not. Here a few questions, maybe you can have a quick listen and help? 1)...
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    VOYAGER SELENE .. another liquid space track

    hello everyone, this one seems almost ready to me .. I guess I'm too much into spacey atmosphere and simple melo/chord structures these days. maybe I should rename myself to "liquid kaasmakers" :D thanks for listening and your feedback!! VOYAGER SELENE
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    'ola! here my latest creation .. it's probably the least melodic music I can do :D tried to press some FUTURE BASS elements into a DNB rhythm, plus lots of synth tweaking. thanks for listening! :gpeace:
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    MOLECLUAR LINGUA ... liquid space track

    my wife bought some excellent cheese from Switzerland this week, so I thought it's studio time again :D I know this track won't find many friends in this forum, anyway, to those who like this vibe of music .. cheers !
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    DANCING WITH VCs - dark liquid roller

    hello everyone. here's my output from the weekend evenings .. tried something darker and less melodic this time, although I couldn't resisit to add a sweet synth at the end :) how does it sound on your system .. all frequencies in line? any feedback welcome, thx !
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    37C - more summer liquid .. pls feedback

    hello. this one is a bit getting on my nerves .. half way through production my system CPU is boiling even though this track uses just 3 synth (2 Kontour and 1 Razor), drums & some effects. usually I get this CPU overload only with way more tracks/synths. anyway, so I completed the track but I...
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    SHADE - summer liquid - feedback on mix2

    AUG5: Salute! Tried some liquid stuff again, with a few heavy synths this time. I'm basically happy with the track but dunno which of the 2 master sounds better. Please have a quick listen to both and feel free to comment anything that comes across your mind. Cheers! :2thumbs: mix 1 // mix 2...
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    COMING FOR YOU - liquid DnB

    Hello. This is another track I finished this week. Any feedback welcome !
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    Landing On Purple Planet - liquid space DNB

    Hi there, I made this little melodic space roller last week and now tweaking mixing/mastering plugins for days .. can't seem to find a mix that makes me completely happy. Also, I cannot get this as loud/clear as some of my other tracks sound -- so I'd much appreciate some feedback from you...
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    hey chaps, here another liquid style dnb track, was trying to catch the beautiful cherry blossom season here in Japan. hope the drums are in line with the master sound this time compared to my track 'L1QUID H3AVEN'. any feedback welcome. cheers!
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    Multi Genre TweakyTokyoTango .. looking for a few pointers

    hello .. I know this isn't an actual tango rhythm (foxtrot, cha-cha?), the name just matched well. I am on this thing for some 2 weeks now, have listened to it 150+ times .. i can't seem to find any further improvement. I do have some specific Qs though, please let me know your opinion, of...
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    Multi Genre HOUSE n BASS - pls comment on sound, thx !

    an experimental track .. combining HOUSE chords/riffs with DNB rhythm, tried keeping it simple and focussing on punchy sound for the dance floor. hope I got the side-chaining right. using THE FINGER by Tim Exile for some effects. please comment on sound quality -- clear and punchy enough??