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    YOU, THE MORNING AFTER -- sounding good enough?

    salve seniori! this is my latest creation ... I was planning to do a less sophisticated song with plain vocals .. also worked on drums totally different this time as I had some problems in drum clarity after the summer. my old problem is that tracks in my DAW sound much better compared to...
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    Multi Genre untitled GOGO track .. just for fun!

    salute seniori :rolleyes: back to Tokyo from Vietnam. gotta tell these tower skybars / clubs in Saigon are just awesome! having a break from dnb beats - made this track today just for fun :D I think it's called 'gogo' rhythm isn't it? is it groovy enough & sounding about alright?
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    AUTUM ROLLER -- rolling well?

    elo! how does this one sound? any good? I think it's one if not THE best I've done in years ... :D track link -- AUTUMN ROLLER - SEPT20 track link - AUTUMN ROLLER (version 22/9) guys, I had another try on the master ... have I gone too far, does the track sound too quiet / too compress now...
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    Maschini is back ... 'WE KEEP GOING'

    ez gyush! took a bit of a break touring europe mainland with my family 4 weeks in the summer. now back to tokyo and preparing for several trips in autumn to vietnam, korea etc. so, not much studio time these days but I was able to squeeze out this little roller here last weekend ... looking...
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    ALL I NEED -- track up for 'feedybacky ... (*][~)

    ez guysh !! aimed for make a track with very solid drums and a voluminous bass line. simple song structure but always moving in variation and sound modulation. does it sounds good enough ?? what do you think boys ?? final edit: .
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    MIAVONO-WHITELIES ... maschinistom remix

    elo peeps! this is my take on the MIAVONO 'WHITE LIES' remix. haven't done a remix in a while but this one raised my attention since it's got great vocals. anyone interested in the remix comp check the youtube clip below. I tried to do things a bit different this time, no clear dnb structure...
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    RUNAWAY FROM ME - westcoast beat

    Yo! we had some good friends from US west coast here last weekend, inspired me to this tune. it's no dnb but it rolls so nicely on just 160 bpm so I kept the speed down and avoided too many beats. by the way, I got the KU11 update this week as an early birthday gift to myself. can really...
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    WHO IS LUV? -- pls feedback, cheers!

    ello! had some more melodies in my mind and made this track. tried to add some interesting synth/sound elements to go away from this pure melo/pop dnb style. do they all match the atmo of the track? I hope this one sounds open/clean enough. any advise to make this one sound better is welcome ...
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    CAPTURE -- who'd have thought?

    ))))) Whooooooo'd have thoooouuuught? )))))))) Ya, well, you'd have thought Tom will come up with such a smelly supercheese track. Not me! Tell me this is complete bullsh*t and has nothing to do with dnb whatsoever and I will run to my PC and press alt F4. however, if you see some potential in...
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    FOURBLOX --- I made a track with no vocals *o* !!

    hello peeps! made a track with no vocals at all ... still can't believe it :eek: kinda obvious which man's sound I'm going here for ... anyway, tried some different export settings to get more clarity in my mixes. so, if it sounds a too quiet just turn up the VOLUME :D three quick questions...
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    HOLD INSIDE -- pls feedback ...

    hello. 'golden week' holidays here in japan .. time for some beat making :teeth: i had enough of melodies & summer tunes, wanted to make a proper tech-beat dnb tune. please let me know how to make this one sound better ... track >>> HOLD INSIDE (edit May3) track >>> HOLD INSIDE (edit May5) edit...
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    more from ma-cheesenistom - TAKE ME AWAY {*>*}

    Couldn't resist making another summer tune ... hope it sounds alright. Any feedback / advise how to make this one sound better welcome ! :cool: TAKE ME AWAY -- final -- APR25: .
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    WHERE WILL WE GO FROM HERE? -- EP#002 maschinistom

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    SHOW ME (this mouse isn't dead) ....

    Hey folks. After some heavy tunes I felt ready for something melodic again ... easy listening peeps! Hope it sounds alright ... Cheers for any feedback! final version APRI19th, mastered: .
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    TOO MUCH SILENCE -- pls feedback, ta!

    elo! the is my most recent creation .. hope the track rocks well. I obviously went for combining two different worlds / atmospheres. a few quick Qs: 1) not hard to tell I love punchy drums -- overdone in this track? 2) is the track too loaded -- should I cut down on elements? 3) everything...
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    new track 'MAYBE' -- pls feedback

    salve! here is my week's output .. far from perfect, just had a listen after export and found already 5 things ... anyway, wanted to make a fairly simple track with compact & solid drums + a heavy multilayer bass line. my aim was the track should survive without many FX (risers, downers, etc)...
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    liquid summer tune -- ON MY OWN

    Hello! A bit an early spring here, 15-20C and blue sky in Tokyo this week. Time for summer tunes ... Hope this one hasn't got too cheesy .. I have a few specific questions though: 1) do the vocals & synths sound too bright? should I further EQ them (cut high)? 2) is the sub bass too heavy...
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    deadmau5 LET GO - dnb remix

    hello, this is my remix of deadmau5 LET GO ... I was thinking quite a while about how I should remix this - should I rip the original's atmosphere apart and squeeze the vocals into a neuro scorcher, or keep it simple with a smooth liquid roller? instead, I kept the trancey feel of the original...
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    STORIES WE SAY -- thx for listening/feedback!

    hello. this is my week's output (3-4 sessions) ... a bit of a liquid roller. I want this to be based on mantra-alike vocals, repetition with some variations. I'm sure about most parts and arrangement but have 3 questions: 1) does the bass sound good enough (too much/little)? 2) how is the...
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    UNTITLED .. edit or bin?

    hello. I'm not sure about this one so I post it here for feedback ... obviously I went for max BANG! with this one, not aiming much for specific sound or atmosphere. how does this track come across for you? is it interesting / energetic enough for further processing? soundcloud edit or bin?
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