1. Norabo Records

    Write lyrics for your Drum'n'Bass Hits!!!

    Hi. My name is Dima Norabo a.k.a "Sounds From Another Race.I create psychedelic electronic music in many styles and D'n'B - one of them. Only one d'n'b track has been released up to this moment , it is "Restart" from album "Signals From Another Race...
  2. M

    Old skool junglist

    I first got into dnb when I was 13 (1994) my uncle introduced me to hardcore before that djs such d trippa,ratty and mickey finn my favourite mcs were gq and Robbie D. I remember when it split into jungle and happy hardcore and thinking jungle was more superior with the likes of Congo natty and...
  3. M

    What makes an MC differentiate completely from your standard Host ?

    I find a lot such as quality, lyrics, picking your moment, breaks, crowd control and Hype.. most important is putting in passion.. no one likes stand as around no energy MCS shouting bars upon bars.. they should at least look like they arefused at least really enjoying themselves.. im not one to...
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