1. Morah

    DnB Dr Meaker - Wanna Feel Love (Low:r Remix)

    So this is for a remix comp on Wavo.me so if you like the track get voting :D there is also a free download up on my soundcloud if you're interested this is the link to the competition if you feel like voting...
  2. Morah

    DnB Low:r - Through the Ground

    So this is the 5th and final track from the Ebb 'N Flow EP this one is a ground rumbler all 5 track are due to be released October 3rd Exciting times :D Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Lowrmusic/?ref=aymt_homepage_panel Twitter: https://twitter.com/Lowrdnb Ben
  3. Morah

    DnB Low:r - Sunrise

    All right, third preview is up from Low:r's upcoming EP "Ebb N Flow" is called "Sunrise." This is an epic, soulful track with intense funk. Ben
  4. Morah

    DnB Low:r - Dreamin' Ft. SiiLHOUETTE

    Yes yes! Yet another preview from my Ebb n Flow EP featuring the amazing SiiLHOUETTE on vocals. I am uploading one every Thursday so keep it locked https://www.facebook.com/Lowrmusic/ https://twitter.com/Lowrdnb Peace and love
  5. Morah

    Greetings From Low:r

    Hey, although ive been on this forum for a little while ive recently started a new project Called Low:r Producing Liquid Rollers and some experimental vibes thrown in there as well. The plan is that you will be seeing alot of me soon :p ive been picked up by 2 labels so far Such Music and...
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