1. Missunderstood

    DNB is my therapy

    Yoooooo ! My name's Vanessa, I'm 20 years (btw i made a mistake when I created my account, so can any admin please changes my year of birth 2002 to 1997 lol great thank you)... So I'm French and I moved in London 8 months ago... I left everything, my parents, my bro, my puppies, my friends...
  2. middleWave

    Love & Bass, Vol 2

    here's a mix that i made two years ago - mostly liquid from 2014 and thereabouts.the name was inspired from the luvstep series. this mix was on a run of 3000 CDs as part of a mix compilation that i made for the boss of an indian restaurant in china. i always wonder if anyone listened to it...
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