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  1. lawrencewalters

    Facebook Live Stream - Audio

    Hi guys, I have been trying to get a good quality facebook live stream with audio from the mixer. I have a Rode SC4 running off an iPhone 5c but cannot get the iPhone to stop using the internal microphone even when the linein cable is plugged in. Has anyone had any experience of successful...
  2. Anita Magenta

    ColorTheory 08-24-15 [LIVE] @

    >>TRACKLIST<< Tim Reaper & Silo - Intent Triad - Dark Star Seba & Paradox - Future Now Pessimist - The Woods Double O - New Skank Greenleaf - War Room Goreteks - The Chemist Fixate - Alive Fanu - Dreamers' Union Digital & Spirit - The Wolf Falling Skies - Land Of The Lost Threshold - Bad Nah...
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