#liquid funk

  1. soul flex digital

    OUT NOW - Soul Connection - Rising / Nobody Else (Soul Flex Digital)

    Soul Flex proudly presents two liquid drum and bass cuts by the multi talented Soul Connection. Two amazing pieces of music garanteed to please ears and keep heads nodding. Rolling beats, melodic pads and sweeps, dramatic strings, vocal and piano rifts ... Pure liquid niceness from the Soul...
  2. WillKulture

    Kulture Project - Blog Launch! And what I've been working on recently...

    Easy guys, First time posting in here but feeling positive as this seems like the most active Drum & Bass forum I've seen as of yet so big up. Adding it as a tab on my browser, hopefully it becomes a staple in my D&B resources in the future. Just wanted to introduce The Kulture Drum & Bass...
  3. Cassei

    Liquid BBQ VIBES Mix for this SUMMER

    Hey! Some fresh grilled piece of mix for your summer fire! With some imperfection but hope you enjoy!
  4. C. West

    Asking for feedback on track

    Hey! I'd be very proud and happy if some of you guys had a look at one of my recent drum and bass track. It's been posted on Soundcloud since a couple of months back and now I wanted to share it with you! I wish you a fine day!
  5. D

    Brilliant track id

    is anybody know that splendid track name?
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