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  1. Soul:verse

    Soul:verse - Liquid Drum ´ Bass - v 1

    Tracklist_ TZ - Reminisce Anile - Back on days Workforce - Heart crossed Dawn Wall - Take control GLXY Ft. Unglued & Javeon - Something good YAANO - Need u LSB & Drs - Sweet love GLXY - Fear, Ego Disrupta Ft. Javeon - Connection SpectraSoul - How we live Edlan & TZ - Cause of you...
  2. O

    4 Liquid Tune IDs from ~2007

    Please Help Tune ID 4 Liquid Tunes found on a mix from 2007: Liquid Tune ID Liquid Tune ID 2 Liquid Tune ID 3 Liquid Tune ID 4
  3. jawa

    DnB FX909-Exclusive Mix-The Everyday Junglist Podcast

    Track list: Fishy & Nostre - Fresh oxygen - Smooth N Groove Insideman - Beyond blue - FX909 Music Two things - I should know - Influenza Media Jazzinspired - Keeper of the key - FX909 Music Embers of Light - Life is music - Soul Deep Jeddy Beats - Flite - Onesevenfour vol.1 MidKnight Moon - Keep...
  4. jawa

    DnB Revival-Exclusive Mix-The Everyday Junglist Podcast

  5. soul flex digital


    Soul Flex Digital welcomes Secret Structures as he makes his debut release with two amazing liquid rollers. Crispy beats, smooth subs and piano rifts moving alongside nice vocal samples. AVAILABLE ON 30.01.20 Facebook :…111478690277705/ Twitter ...
  6. muziklova09

    Phobik (Viral-Mental Records UK) - Improper

    Brand new mix set from myself...lots of variety on this set. Made for dancing. Enjoy! Links: ------- Phobik - Improper & Phobik - Improper - Mixcloud
  7. DeeGun

    Mr Joseph - Fizzy Beats Liquid Funk Mix - 4.4.2018

    1. Satl - Forward Thinking (Calibre remix) 2. Lenzman - String City (Artificial Intelligence remix) 3. Mr Joseph - Crazy on my mind 4. Soligen & Wednesday Amelia - Child 5. Subside - Dont Miss Them 6. DRS - This Ain't Love (feat Calibre) 7. Mr Joseph - Moments In Time 8. Mr Joseph & Mr...
  8. Alex Archer

    My first DnB EP is out via Liquid Drops, wanted to share with all of you

    Hi guys! I'm very excited today. My first Drum & Bass EP is out on Liquid Drops, and it is already up in the release top 100 chart (#76). I just wanted to share the link with you all, hope you enjoy!
  9. Leniz

    DnB Question My Love [WIP] Hi guys. Havent posted here in quite a while. Wanted some feedback on this funky tune called: 'Question My Love' Go ahead and comment your thoughts and critics :D
  10. D

    DnB DJ Shede - Liquid Magic Mix 2017

    DJ Shede presents Liquid Magic Mix... over an hour long journey through ethereal, omnipresent liquid soundscapes. Ready to fill your NOW with crispy melodies and fluffy vibes with a soft but deep touch of magic! Enjoy :) Tracklist 01.Conduct - Katiisan 02.Whiney - Portal 03.Need For Mirrors -...
  11. Morah

    Low:r - Essence of life [Out Now]

    OUT NOW the new music from Low:r 'Essence of Life' Artwork by Esther Downton Check her art out here: available to buy from all good online stores.
  12. Morah

    DnB Joshua Winstead - The Streets (Low:r Remix)

    Felt like doing a remix, free download of course I'd love to know what you all think ;) Peace and love
  13. Morah

    DnB Low:r new Single

    Hey, got a new single out next week 'Essence of Life' Follow me for more new music, some free tracks coming up soon as well. Hope you enjoy :) Peace and Love
  14. Such Music Records

    Low:r - Essence Of Life [Such Music]

    They say that the third time’s a charm. In this case they’re right. Low:r’s third release on Such Music is an absolute masterpiece. Following the sweet, soulful release of Ebb N Flow, “Essence of Life” dives into deeper realms of the spirit. Haunting strings weave between a playful melody and...
  15. fid

    DnB Liquid/Funk DnB

    Thought I'd share some mixes that I uploaded recently to mixcloud. I like both house and dnb so there's a variety on there, but at this time of year I mainly do dnb. You can check my mixcloud page here A couple of recent mixes: Download here Tracklist: innaSelf - Sol Tempo (Original Mix)...
  16. eastformsdnb

    DnB Rasty Promo Mix [Osaka| Japan] // EAST FORMS Drum&Bass

    Get lost in reverie where sparkiling beats and mesmerising vocals lead into a deep abyss of sultry bass lines Rasty [Osaka | Japan] Michael Leung aka Rasty was born in Christchurch, New Zealand. A city renowned for it’s deep drum and bass culture. Now based in Osaka, Japan, together with...
  17. Kolendo

    Kolendo - Flow Back (WIP/Clip) :: Liquid Funk :: Please pick apart my mix?

    I'm working so hard to perfect my mix down, this is probably the best I can do right now until I've finished writing the song. Can someone solid mix down skills please pick this apart and tell me where I can improve? Hit DL for a 320k mp3 Thanks in advance! :)
  18. I

    hello guys!

    Hi I'm Moses and I basically used to produce just hiphop rnb dance pop..regular stuff.. until sometime ago I stumbled upon drum and bass and I've been seriously addicted ever since! I'm here to learn and share and just have fun.. Oh and sadly where I'm from, dnb isn't really appreciated...
  19. Kolendo

    Nina Simone - I Put a Spell on You (Kolendo Bootleg) :: Liquid Funk/Ragga Vibes WIP - need feedback

    Once I'm finished this remix I'll probably release it as a free EP along with another tune I posted on here a couple days ago (should still be near the top of the new talent subforum). I'm trying REALLY hard to get the Nina Simone sample fitting nicely in the mix, it's a shame no one has ever...
  20. Kolendo

    Kolendo - Circles of Life :: liquid funk WIP :: need a 2nd pair of ears!

    So I've been trying to get the EQ and mix sounding right on this tune I've just started (especially on drums), the problem is I'm working on headphones until my first set of monitors arrive in a week or two. The cans are really lush but don't by any means give an accurate response, can someone...
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