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  1. M

    HOW DOES IT FEEL? >> pls feedback, cheers!

    hi, another remix o_O but not dark this time. tried to get as close as I could to a "radio-suitable dnb song". it's almost no dnb, I know .. was aiming for some summer tune atmo, hope comes well across. let me know what you think, esp. on sound/mix. any feedback welcome. thx! final version...
  2. fademusic

    DnB Back to Me (ft. GLOWE) [Liquid]

    New liquid track up on my Soundcloud - check it out. Cheers, Matt
  3. J


    Youtube channel I have recently created for promoting underground and upcomming liquid drum and bass artists. Normally the first to upload the latest EP's..... ENJOY!
  4. phillycentrik

    DnB Soul:Motion - Bittersweet

    Share the love guys :D
  5. phillycentrik

    Soul:Motion - Sentiment Share the love :D
  6. phillycentrik

    DnB Hey Guys I'm Centrik, Liquid D&B Producer from Portsmouth. Check my fb page give us a like and share!! Fresh music coming soon, but you can check out all our latest stuff!!
  7. A

    Reflektor - Don't Worry
  8. Basstex

    DnB Need feedback on Liquid.

    So about 5 months ago I posted my first liquid dnb song: This is what I did about a few weeks ago: And this is what I've been doing the past week: I would really like to hear your feedback on my recent songs, but don't judge me too much, I'm still a
  9. Rebbo

    DnB REbbo - Looking at the sky

    New track! I think i might have some progress and I would like to see what you guys think. :)
  10. alexanthony

    Impact Engage Audio 'Liquid Mix' 002

    To celebrate Engage Audios first release in exactly a month's time on the 25th September, Impact steps up for number 002 of our mix series delivering a soulful and rolling liquid mix full with classics to enjoy in the remainder of Summer. Please check the links below for more information on our...
  11. Morah

    DnB [Forthcoming] Low:r - Ebb N Flow EP [Such Music SUCH016 ]

    Our next release is MASSIVE. Low:r (formally known as Morah) has put together an incredible 5 track EP called "Ebb N Flow." Previews will be going up weekly. This is the beginning of his rise to the top of the DnB game, watch out. First up, the track "Blind Tide"...
  12. D-Func

    D-Func - Through The Vibe (Liquid D&B Mix)

    D-Func - Through The Vibe Liquid D&B Mix - Summer 2016:
  13. ampligen

    DnB A New Hope (Free download)

    Hi. I'm sharing with you my latest freebie. :)
  14. K

    Summer liquidy track

    Hi guys this is my second track I've published. Inspired by sunshine and wing chun;) , very laid back summer tune. All the breaks are midi, with a few atmospheric loops And hats on top. I realise it needs editing time wise and mastering but wanted to put it up before I went on holiday :)
  15. A

    DnB Pulse - 87 [Liquid D&B] feedback needed

    Hey D&B forum I've made a nice liquid DnB track on which I need some feedback. The idea was to have a crisp track to let your mind wander. Something like a roadtrip in a cold place. It isn't particularly attention-grabbing but rather something nice for in the background. I'd love to hear...
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