1. WillKulture

    Kulture Project - Blog Launch! And what I've been working on recently...

    Easy guys, First time posting in here but feeling positive as this seems like the most active Drum & Bass forum I've seen as of yet so big up. Adding it as a tab on my browser, hopefully it becomes a staple in my D&B resources in the future. Just wanted to introduce The Kulture Drum & Bass...
  2. Alex Archer

    My first DnB EP is out via Liquid Drops, wanted to share with all of you

    Hi guys! I'm very excited today. My first Drum & Bass EP is out on Liquid Drops, and it is already up in the release top 100 chart (#76). I just wanted to share the link with you all, hope you enjoy! https://www.beatport.com/release/love-ep/2175773
  3. Morah

    DnB Low:r - For Dem [Oct 3rd]

    This is the 4th track off my Ebb 'N Flow EP and this is the track that i am most proud of. Even a little live guitar in there, may even be a cheeky solo at the end of the track. but you will just have to wait till October 3rd for that :P Enjoy and give it some love!
  4. AlPaca

    DnB Al Paca - Mélange (liquid / deep / soulfull / rolling) [MIX]

    Hi guys! Just rediscovered this forum after years of inactivity. Needed a new source for new & fresh mixes and the amount of quality stuff on here is insane! I might as well contribute my latest set while I'm at it. This mix is a pretty accurate depiction of my current vibe in dnb. Mainly...
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