1. DeeGun

    SUNANDBASS Podcast #68 - Submorphics & T.R.A.C

  2. DeeGun

    Lenzman & Dan Stezo - The Boombox

  3. SirReal

    SirReal - The Perfect Solution Mix - CALIBRE.LENZMAN.LSB.SPECTRASOUL.DRS

    First mix from me in 6 months. Hopefully the first of many for this year. Let me know what you think: LSB – Lydian feat. Millie Watson Lenzman & Submorphics – Bayview Villem & McLeod – The Sea feat. Heidi Vogel LSB – Losing You Lenzman – Walk On By Artificial Intelligence – Close To U...
  4. Dubdamain

    Soul n Bass (Track list inside)

    This 50 minute mix features some of the souliest soul around. Drum n Bass from the likes of Calibre, Ivy Lab, Alix Perez, FD and Lenzman. Feedback is appreciated soul brothers and sisters.
  5. T

    Children Of Zeus - Still Standing (Lenzman Remix)

    http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b07jwlx7 43:20 Proper Vibesss, anyone know anything about a release date?
  6. SirReal

    SirReal - The Watercolours Mix *** Lenzman, LSB, Nu:Logic, A.I, Dawn Wall, FD and more

    https://www.mixcloud.com/sirreal/the-watercolours-mix/ A new month a new mix. Only the second month into 2016 and we’ve already seen some huge releases. LSB – If You’re Here (VIP) [Hospital Records] Lenzman & Forren – Never Enough [Metalheadz] DRS feat LSB & Tyler Daley – The View (Calibre...
  7. SirReal

    SirReal - The You Should Be Here Mix*** Lenzman-LSB-A.I-Random Movement and more

    Started this mix before the year was out but was away for the holidays so just finished off now. Lots of soulful, melodic goodness. Enjoy Artificial Intelligence – Scrolls feat Dawn Wall [Metalheadz] Hene Aiko –The Worst (Lenzman remix) [DUB] Flaco – You Should Be Here [Flight Pattern]...
  8. J

    Lenzman - The dope tape - few rollers in here anyone got an idea?

    23:22 < that bassline oh my. 32:06 < random movement - lesson & aftermath 32:51 < Enei - moment of now 34:40 < Lenzman - Homie don't play that
  9. J

    Space Jam - November Mix

    First mix in a while, would love some feedback! Tracklist: Ulterior Motive - You Must See Lynx - Only She Knows Ivy Lab – Focus Random Movement – I Stayed Around Electrosoul System – Once On the Cosmic Station DJ Marky – Those Moments Calibre – Turn Around Level 2 – In My Head Foreign Concept –...
  10. SirReal


    Please check out my latest offering. Tunes I have been feeling over the last few months https://www.mixcloud.com/sirreal/the-midnight-mix/ Lenzman – Just Can’t Take feat DRS (dBridge remix) [Metalheadz] Zero T – My Name [Dispatch] Simplification & Translate – Desire [Shogun] Random Movement...
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