1. J

    Biggest Rave in Brighton

    Venue was Formerly Creations, Paradox, Tru , Pink Coconut , Sherry's and now Synerg Biggest Drum & Bass, Jungle and Reggae Rave venue on the South Coast exclusively to Brighton. £5 all in 6pm - 4am. DnB Jungle Group Info; https://www.facebook.com/jungleformation Hosts - Robbie Dee...
  2. Paticzak

    Dnb Family Help!

    I made it to the final round of #projektklub contest. If I win I will have a chance to throw a decent dnb/jungle party sponsored by Ballantine’s. The leading theme would be a city jungle. In Poland there is lack of events in this field so it’s a superb opportunity to promote dnb movement in my...
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