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    DnB join my mixcloud

    come and join my page,for uploads everyday packed with loads of old and new jungle mixes from me the sparks.. please like and share and spread the word.. Cheers folks ! https://www.mixcloud.com/sparks-sparks3/ Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/Djsparks1981?refid=8
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    Green Bay Wax & Lucky Muffin Tribute Mix

    Most of you will know about these labels and the outstanding quality of releases that have been put out so to show my appreciation I put this mix together on the fly after a few beers :) Warning: About 3 minutes in the volume reduces for a few seconds and goes back to normal so don't adjust...
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    The Tasty Jungle Mix '93-'95

    I done this mix a few weeks ago to showcase some sought after tunes along with the not so sought after that should make you move your bones. Soundcloud: Mixcloud: Tracklist 1 Ruffer Than A Lion - Big Vern, Evil Ed, Ram & Flight - 1+1 Records ST 003 2 Thunder Bones & Natty - Not On Label...
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    old skool jungle mixes

    https://m.mixcloud.com/mark-steven4/pure-gold-dj-sparks/ https://m.mixcloud.com/mark-steven4/jungle-classics-vol1-dj-sparks/ https://m.mixcloud.com/mark-steven4/redds-mix-old-skool-dj-sparks/ for loads more please visit my main page www.mixcloud.com/mark-steven4


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