1. Subway

    DnB This is how I like my Jungle!

    This is an all vinyl minimix I recorded for Skankin Oslo to star on the Skankin Crew mix-series. It consists of 10 selected rough and tough jungle tracks, I wanted to represent the harder sounds of jungle! The intro is made by the one and only PSYCHOFREUD (Vikings Champion Sound) feat. the...
  2. WillKulture

    Kulture Project - Blog Launch! And what I've been working on recently...

    Easy guys, First time posting in here but feeling positive as this seems like the most active Drum & Bass forum I've seen as of yet so big up. Adding it as a tab on my browser, hopefully it becomes a staple in my D&B resources in the future. Just wanted to introduce The Kulture Drum & Bass...
  3. dustaudio

    DnB January Blues? - Dust Audio Vinyl Sale - 1 week only

    Have you got the January Blues? Well, why not purchase some fantastic vinyl from Dust Audio! Grab here: https://goo.gl/LdfuZH 1 week only and all vinyl has been slashed in price
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