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    DnB Punchy Drums

    so, I have left school yesterday and I'm pretty certain I have fucked everything to do with it which means I need to get the absolute best at what I'm actually good at.. music. I'm currently assigning myself the task of creating the best drums I possibly can. However I am struggling with getting...
  2. pErFeCtIoN

    Emperor - Dispositions LP mixed by Maco42

    https://www.mixcloud.com/twisted_beats_show/emperor-dispositions-mixed-by-maco42/ Track Listing 1.Thunder ft MC Fats - Emperor 2.One Foot - Emperor 3.I Was - Emperor 4.Jounce - Emperor 5.Haste - Emperor 6.Foxholes - Emperor 7.Shapeshift - Emperor 8.From Ashes - Emperor 9.Infrasound - Emperor...
  3. pErFeCtIoN

    13th May 2016 DnB Mix by Maco42

    https://www.mixcloud.com/twisted_beats_show/13th-may-2016-dnb-mix-by-maco42/ Track Listing 01-akrom-overlord-mkd.mp3 02-akrom-esothron 03. a.i - Stand Firm (feat. Visionobi) 04. a.i - Shrine 05. a.i - Ghost Racoon 06. a.i - Reunion 07-big_head-entropy 08-big_head-rattlesnake...
  4. pErFeCtIoN


    https://www.mixcloud.com/twisted_beats_show/12th-may-2016-dnb-mix-by-maco42/ Track listing 01 - Aces R - Hidden Truth 02 - Aces R - Hold It Down 03 - Aces R - Militants 04-aldehyd-heavy_haters 05-aldehyd-me_powerful 06-aldehyd-metathesis 07 - Gydra -One More Night 08 - Gydra - Steel Rain...
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