jump up dnb

  1. G

    Israel Kamakawiwo'ole - Somewhere Over The Rainbow (Groove Mind Remix) [Free Download]

    Israel Kamakawiwo'ole - Somewhere Over The Rainbow (Groove Mind Remix) [Free Download] Cheers!
  2. Babyborn90

    Drum & Bass August Jungle Mini Mix 2018

    Soundcloud , Mixcloud--> BabyBorn90
  3. blackphil

    Drum & Bass New Tune 'Predators' DnB

    Hi just posting my latest tune. Hopefully you'll enjoy it as much as I did making it. Cheers.
  4. muziklova09

    Drum & Bass Phobik - Spring Flinging

    Brand new mix set of mostly dancefloor bangers, jump up & tech / neuro DNB / jungle...Enjoy! Streaming / Play: Download: https://fanburst.com/phobik2016/spring-flinging/download Tracklisting: ------------- 01-Drumsound & Bassline Smith - Kilimanjaro [Technique] 02-Original Sin & Taxman -...
  5. D

    Drum & Bass Jump up massive presets

    Need some help getting the jump up feel and sound using massive I have purchased heists preset pack, but I am still lacking that sound I want, want to make sound like on voltages new track -barbra ( not sure what the actual track is called ) but the bass is Heavy. Can anyone post some presets or...
  6. Konfliqtdnb

    Drum & Bass Mixtapes, DJ Contests & Special guestmixes

    Sooo, hi everybody reading this! My name is Jef, I'm 20y/o Belgium based Spinning Drum & Bass (especially Jump up dnb) for about a year and 4 months DJ name: Konfliqt I just sorted out all my mixes in playlists on my Soundcloud page (link at the bottom of this thread) And from my own...
  7. Konfliqtdnb

    I think we've got a Konfliqt...

    It was probably my original thread title that brought you here (or that's what I hope so haha). I'm not gonna be that stereotype of dude who just puts his soundcloud link in here with '....DJ from ....' In my opinion it's important that people know who I am, and like me for who I am as well.Cuz...
  8. D

    Drum & Bass jump up tune out now on juno

    any constructive criticism welcome
  9. muziklova09

    Drum & Bass Phobik - Paint A Picture Into Sound

    Download link: https://fanburst.com/phobik2016/paint-a-picture-into-sound/download Playlist: 00-Intro - Sopheye 01-OmenUK - Concept. [DUBPLATE - Unmastered & Unreleased!] 02-Audio - Fizziks [Blackout Music NL] 03-Redpill & Fragz - Transform [Eatbrain] 04-Mean Teeth - Convulation [Kill...
  10. B


    Heres a link to my next hype mix, you can find the link to my radio show on sub frequency where you can catch me at 2-4 every sunday.
  11. D

    Drum & Bass new tune out now on juno

  12. Large Marge

    2017 jump up mini-mix

    AESTHETICS - Raw Revenge COMPLEX - Legohead PROFILE - Unknown World BOU & JAMMIN - Silly Kids LIZ-E - Nightwalker DJ ORIGIN - The Void BASSFACE SASCHA - Bulletproof Tank MODIFIED MOTION & FACTION - Razor Blade DOMINATOR - History Making SIMULA - Trigger Happy PACSO- Brain Map AWEMINUS & DISPOZE...
  13. Archaea

    Next Hype 4th Birthday Competition Entry

    I recently recorded my first Next Hype competition entry! I am a neurofunk producer and DJ so I usually don't do much jump up in my mixes (only 2/3 tunes) but this entry has mostly been jump up with a few neuro tunes :) Please have a listen and give me some feedback :D
  14. D

    new jump up tune

  15. D

    feedback needed

    hi this is my new jump up jungle track could someone please give me feedback
  16. J

    Drum & Bass Nice Song

  17. NuMotive

    Drum & Bass NuMotive - Sanctions EP - support means a lot!

    Please take a moment to check out my recently released 'Sanctions' EP! Give my Soundcloud a follow for more music in the near future :) Would love to hear some feedback! :) http://www.junodownload.com/products/numotive-sanctions/3428288-02/
  18. D

    jump up drum and bass mix

    getting the feel of the new decks now still a few little mess ups