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    DnB jump up tune out now on juno

    any constructive criticism welcome
  2. S

    DnB Hepnix - new jump-up d&b project

    Hi, I started a new jump-up drum & bass project called Hepnix! Got 5 WIP tracks that could use some feedback before I proceed to finishing them! Maybe someone likes some of my tunes... http://www.soundcloud.com/hepnix Thanks in advance! Hepnix
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    DnB new jump up tune

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    DnB new tune out now on juno

  5. nebula jump up dnb

    Free track Download Jump Up

  6. Amusement Audio

    DnB AMUSE005's T Dub - Countdown / Hustlin' OUT NOW!

    Morning guys, We are pleased to announce that our fifth release on the label is out now to buy from all good digital music stores worldwide. Please follow the link below to check out the tracks from Juno Download. We can assure you that you wont be let down if you enjoy a bit of neuro dance...
  7. Amusement Audio

    DnB Amusement Audio presents AMUSE005: T Dub..

    Artist: T Dub Track titles: Countdown ft Kanadan / Huslin’ Release date: 12th September 2016 Catalogue number: AMUSE005 As we continue to release quality music, we unleash a new member of the Amusement family. Introducing T Dub, a fresh new producer who instantly caught our ears with the...
  8. M

    New tunes for free download :P

  9. Amusement Audio

    Samy Nicks Guest Mix - Pirate Station, Russia (31 - 05 - 2016) (FREE DOWNLOAD)

    Evening, Tonight we bring you an exclusive guest mix taken from Pirate Station Radio in Russia. Samy Nicks brings the fire with a variety of unheard Drum & Bass tracks from himself and fellow producers (and friends). Feel free to share, and comment on the stream itself for any track ID...
  10. M

    new jump up number

    free on my soundcloud at 200 followers for those who appreciate their jump up:P tell me what i can improve on as always looking for good advice from better producers, peace!
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    new jump up track for critiquueee

    new jump up tune on the go looking for a bit of feedback? thanks!:)
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    jump up track for feedback

    been working on this for a while, tell me what you think!:)
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    new roller on free DL

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    new jump up tune!

    have a listen! :)
  15. M

    feedback on my new style jump up track?

    hey worked on this for a few weeks wondered if i could get some helpful feedback, what went well? what could be improved? thanks!
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    new jump up track

    struggled with this one, any advice would be great, haven't bothered posting build because it needs obvious changing which I'm working on
  17. M

    can i get a review on this track please - jump up

  18. M

    JUMP UP MINI MIX by me, quality was bad on other one.

    Tracklist: Murko - JAWM Majistrate - Pick em out Heist - Moose Knuckle Turno - Badman nah beg fren Agro - Oh Baby Nu Elementz - Murda Dem DJ Guv - Drunken Style (VIP) Macky Gee - Seduction Nu Elementz - Murderah Heist - No escape v3 Murko - Forgive Me ignore crackles in first build my monitors...
  19. M

    yo im murko check my tracks out

    new forum account was on here as 'Drumzy', now under the alias 'Murko'. get at my soundcloud if you like jump up and dark drum and bass, followw and i shall follow back :) feedback would be sick if you could give any I'm always looking to improve! https://soundcloud.com/murkodnb
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