1. nafe1

    Jesta Warm up mix VOL.2

    Easy, back again for the follow up! Jesta - Warm up mix Vol2 again, all vinyl set, x2 1210's and a XONE:92 mixer. hope you enjoy :) comments welcome! Hive & Gridlok - Standing Room Only (feat. D-Bridge, Break & Silent Witness) [Violence] Phace - Freedom of Filth [Critical Music] Overlook &...
  2. nafe1

    Jesta Warm up mix VOL.1

    what's up ya'll, aint posted on here in a very long time, here's a mix... Warm Up Mix Vol.1 Simply Vinyl 45min set Two 1210 MK2's and a XONE:92 mixer enjoy! :) Amoss - Footloose VIP Enei & DRS - Obsession Skeptical - Static Dub Phizix feat. Skittles - I'm a creator Mindmapper - Collesius...
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