jazzy jungle

  1. 3x5

    DnB Mid 90s tune, samples "The Look of Love" by Isaac Hayes

    There's a Miles Maeda mixtape from 97 that has the track I'm looking for -- though the track is way more 95 style than 97 style. You can hear it starting around the 9 minute mark. It sounds like there's also a sample of Common saying 'Tragedy... in your brain'. I'm not totally sure it's the...
  2. Mr.grimey

    Old Skool Jazzy Jungle Mix - Jit (Crystl, Aqaurius & Tyla, Big Bud, PFM...)

    4 Hero- Planetaria Infest - Neratira DJ Crystl - Mind Games E - Z Rollers - Believe (Photek Remix) The Truper - Toulepleu Funky Technicians - Airtight PFM - Language of Love EZ Rollers - Walk this Land Voyager - Martian Chronics Seba & Lotek - So Long Big Bud - Source of Inspiration Photek -...
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