1. Zappla

    Hello guys!

    Hi guys! I'm Paul, aka "Zappla" from Austria. I'm reading the forum for quite a while but now I thought it would be a good idea to register myself finally. Drum&Bass dropped into my life about 4 years ago at a local party here in Austria. Since then the music never let me go (and thats great...
  2. the_Ghostly_one

    Ez Mates... Chitown Represent!!!

    Ez, Mates... I'm DJ Ghostly hailing from Chicago. Been spinning since '95, but Drum & Bass since '15, technically, although been listening to Jungle since I was 10 years old (College Radio - 89.3FM WNUR; "Chicago's Sound Experiment" [NWU Radio]) Nice to meet, y'all... Boh Boh Boh! ;) Follow...
  3. DJRec01

    It's about time I did this.

    Just saying hello to all my fellow DnB fans. I've been meaning to sign up for something like this for ages now. Where I live meeting other fans of DnB feels impossible so I'm hoping to meet some people who love the genre as much as I do. I'm really obsessed with like neurofunk or anything that...
  4. TwistedSenses16

    Introducing Myself - Twisted Senses

    Hi Everyone, I'm new to this forum, I'm here to meet like minded people and to share my music as well as check out other peoples projects. I've not really used forums before but I'm ready to get stuck in. Im a producer myself from Manchester, UK. I produce Drum & Bass, Dubstep and House.. the...
  5. Destro Bass

    Destro (Southern California DNB)

    Greetings fellow DNB forum members! I wanted to introduce myself to this forum and share a free DNB EP as well! My name is Myles I have been producing drum and bass for 10+ years under the alias "Destro", and want to be more active in the online community! My favorite types of music to...
  6. Nuada Drakala

    I like DnB

    Saying hi. Drum&Bass forever. Yes! Dammit...shit yeah.
  7. JPower

    Best intro tunes

    Whats your favorite introduction of a dnb tune? Trying to find some new ones to start of mixes with
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