1. nostrill

    Nostrill - Beat Tape 01 (Free Download)

    I'm planning to keep on mixing hip hop/beats so i'll keep this thread updated here's the first one, hope you'll enjoy Tracklist Iskeletor - Gallows Tipper - Off Kilter Linkin Park - Cure For The Itch Cut Killer - Nique La Police DJ Shadow - The Sideshow Honey Claws - Digital Animal Tipper -...
  2. nostrill

    first track i made, feedback wouldya?

  3. E

    Music, HARD...almost impossible to find the tune id.

    Sup. There is a video that i've been watching for almost 1 year and a half. What i really want and i hope u like are the song/s that are in background. 1 friend and i have been told that song may be neurofunk, downtempo, others genres like that. And we think is some kind of experimental song...
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