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    Seba Interview

    If we venture down to the smoother more sultry end of the drum and bass spectrum we`ll find the likes of Swedish national, Sebastian Ahrenberg aka Seba. If you are a keen fan of the deeper liquid sound then this should be a household name for you by now. With a musical career spanning over 20...
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    Catching up with 'Current Value' (In-Reach Mag)

    There`s a darker side to this scene we love. A twisted, malicious, fearsome side that tests the nerves of its listeners and only those of a strong disposition or freakish nature will cope, sounds interesting doesn't it? Well on this occasion it definitely is! One of the purveyors of these 'Dark...
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    Horrific Recordings @ Corsica Studios Tonight 3/3/16 Ft. Trident Code

    Horrific Recordings proudly presents: HORRIFIC THURSDAY 03.03.16 Celebrating two years of vinyl Drum & Bass/Jungle releases DJ's on the night - UK'S Finest : TRIDENT CODE (DIGITAL + FLAVA + HORRIFIC JAMES) 11-2am Three Hour Special !!! With music between them released on some of the...
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    Quadrant & Iris Interview & Guest Mix (Vandal Records)

    Quadrant and Iris rock up on the French power-house, Vandal, with the 'Scattershot' EP which bears voluptuous fruit in three guises; 'Scattershot' and 'Benzene' both give nice solid builds with great layers. The former is a more bouncy track and the latter more minimal and one thing is for sure...
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    Mikal Interview & Guest Mix (In-Reach Mag)

    It's only February and we've already got another mix for you. This time we've got an exclusive straight from the Headz camp, Mikal who steps in the for an hour long mix showcasing all of his latest works, including his brand new long awaited album which is out now on Metalheadz. Kick back and...