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    Ill Effects - Phobia/ Shame (Insane Ambition Recordings)

    We are pleased to introduce 'Phobia/ Shame' from Ill Effects! Both ‘Phobia’ and ‘Shame’ pay homage to the sound that Ill Effects has spearheaded since he first began releasing music. Beginning the two tracks, ‘Phobia’ sets itself apart through hollowed kick drums, the type that drive a record...
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    Ill Effects - Anomaly LP (Insane Ambition Recordings)

    Ill Effects needs little introduction and neither does the Insane Ambition Recordings roster. With a catalogue of releases on the label already setting its levels, the type of which generate total mayhem on the dancefloors across the spectrum of drum and bass, Ill Effects is about to drop his...
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    Ill Effects - Reality/ 3 Minutes (Insane Ambition Recordings)

    Back to reality with Ill Effects!! Two tracks with dark and scary athmosphere!! We hope you enjoy!! Have a nice holiday!! One love from IA fam' Tracklist: 1. Reality 2. 3 Minutes Preview: OUT NOW: Follow Insane Ambition...
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    Ill Effects - The 24th chamber (Insane Ambition Recordings)

    Welcome to the 24th chamber!! Ill Effects your host, invites you to discover this piece so special ... we can hear bass and scary sounds! The amen too!! The Wu got the 36th, Ill Effects got the 24th and the only thing you have in it it's dance and enjoy the trip! One love from the whole IA...
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    Ill Effects - Hurtful Games (Insane Ambition Recordings)

    Ill Effects welcomes you in 2019 with Hurtful Games! loud bass! fat beat! insane tracks! yes! Ill Effects is still here!! We hope you enjoy, One love from IA fam'! Tracklist: 1. Ill Effects - Flesh Hook 2. Ill Effects - Hurtful Games 3. Ill Effects - In too deep 4. Ill Effects - Rat trap 5...
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    VA - Insane Drum & Bass 2019 (Insane Ambition Recordings)

    We are pleased to present our annual compilation including 5 exclusive tracks! So we wanted to thank you for this fabulous year and hope you had a happy holiday season! Now it's time to rock 2019! One love from IA fam '! Preview: Tracklist: 1. NuMotive - Stamina 2. IMK - Monochrome 3. Ill...
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    Ill Effects - Existence/ Panic room (Insane Ambition Recordings)

    Welcome to the panic room, let yourself be guided by the depth of the bass. the most prolific member of the fam' takes you to explore the abyss with two dark and catchy titles! We hope you enjoy !! One love from the IA family!!! Tracklist: 1. Ill Effects - Existence 2. Ill Effects - Panic...
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    Ill Effects - Deception Point/Interference (Insane Ambition Recordings)

    Ill Effects is back with two sick tracks!! Deception point will make you travel in distant lands before the stong bass of "interference" brings you back! Beautiful intro and huge beat, the perfect cocktail to sip your beer and chilling by the pool or at the beach! So, don't wait any longer to...
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    Ill Effects - Signs EP (Insane Ambition Recordings)

    Ez people we are pleased to announce the next e.p from Ill Effects called "Signs e.p"!! 4 deep tracks inside!! Bass, bass and bass again!! included "Cowboyz", collab track with Imk! that's smells like old bourbon and gunpowder! one love from the IA family!! Tracklist: 1. Ill Effects - Deadly...
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    Ill Effects - Revelation Part.2 (Insane Ambition Recordings)

    Here is the second part!!! Enjoy!! Tracklist: 1.Ill Effects - Machine 2.Ill Effects - Revelations 3.Ill Effects - Traction 4.Ill Effects - Watch your step Preview: OUT NOW:
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    Ill Effects - Revelation Part.1 (Insane Ambition Recordings)

    The talented Ill Effects, from the IA family, is back with another first class EP split in two part!! Deep bass & huge drums inside!!! Enjoy!! Tracklist: 1.Deep Inside 2.Deadline 3.Escape Hatch Preview: OUT NOW:
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    VA - Insane Drum & Bass 2018 (Insane Ambition Recordings)

    The end of the year is approaching, this is the opportunity for us to make you discover part of our catalog released in 2017! 5 new & Exclusive tracks are included (marked as (*) ) Thank you all and best wishes for the festive season! Tracklist: 1.Staplemind - No Benefit 2.Just Mayhem - The...
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    VA - Insane Ambition Presents: Science Fiction (Insane Ambition Recs)

    Insane Ambition Recordings is glad to present to you Science Fiction! Directed by Ill Effects! Starring Ill Effects, ImK, Team 13 & SocialKaos. Big love from the IA family!! Tracklist: 1. Intro 2. Team 13 - Human Race 3. Ill Effects - Clystron frequency modulator 4. SocialKaos - Twilight zone...
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    Ill Effects - Something Naughty LP (Insane Ambition Recordings)

    Insane Ambition is glad to present to you the second album of the amazing Ill effects!! Pure vibes & fresh bass!! This is exactly what you need for your holidays!!! Tracklist: 01. Ambience 02. Blade 03. Darkness falls 04. Eclipse 05. Flesh Crawl 06. Labyrinth 07. Light the fuse 08. Messy 09...
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    Ill Effects - Blue Flame (Insane Ambition Recordings)

    ‘Blue Flame’ is your early introduction into the sounds of Ill Effects. The track opens with random cuts of sonic and a foreboding, scarcely-audible sample, before it rolls out ambitiously into clanking metallic breaks. Ill Effects comes at you with the full force of his production might...
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    Ill Effects - Secrets/Trapdoor (Insane Ambition Recordings)

    IAR Family is proud to present to you "Secrets/Trapdoor" From Ill Effects! Tracklist: 1. Secrets 2. Trapdoor Preview: OUT NOW on: Beatport: JunoDownload:
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    VA - Insane Drum & Bass 2017 (Insane Ambition Recordings)

    Insane Drum & Bass 2017 including 10 of Insane Ambition's biggest hit singles from 2016 and 5 new unreleased tracks from Ill effects, Inneri Duo, SocialKaos Bristol UK, Team 13 and Atroce!! Tracklist: 01. Just Mayhem - All Right 02. Atroce - Back To The Future 03. Team 13 - Barcelona Bounce 04...
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    Ill Effects - Stay Cold (Insane Ambition Recordings)

    No need to introduce this excellent artist. Ill Effects is back again on Insane Ambition Recordings with another monster EP! 4 tracks that will make you plunge into the coldness and depths of the drum and bass. Stay Cold is OUT NOW on all digital store! Tracklist: 1. The Money Shot 2. Stay Cold...
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    Ill Effects - It's Real (Insane Ambition Recordings)

    Brand new EP from Ill Effects is fresh out today on Beatport!! and It's REAL!!! Tracklist: 1. As above so below 2. Back down 3. It's real 4. So it is 5. The hunted Preview: Buy it on BeatPort: Follow Insane Ambition Recordings on Facebook...
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    Ill Effects - Now and Forever (Insane Ambition Recordings)

    Massive release from Ill Effects OUT NOW on Beatport!! Tracklist: 1. Now and Forever 2. Wake Up 3. The Keeper 4. The End Preview: Grab it now: You can also listen his podcast here...
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